Back in February I wrote about the Wall Art Challenge for Pottery Barn Teen & Pottery Barn Kids offered by Minted and Pottery Barn. I decided to enter some of my art, because for me (and for most artists and designers) having your designs in Pottery Barn would be a dream come true! I am completely humbled, thrilled and honored to say that two of my art pieces were selected (out of over 7,000 entries) to be included in 20 wall art pieces chosen for Pottery Barn Teen!


There were two ways to was to get lots of votes and the other was to be selected by Pottery Barn (editor's picks). I knew my chances were quite slim for the voting part because I am not very good at asking for votes and I do not have a zillion friends on social media lol!

I really wanted to create new artwork for the challenge, but I did not have enough time for that, so I selected art I had already created that I thought could be appropriate (a good reason to always be creating a lot of art, if you can)!

So I put 8 of my art pieces together, submitted them, asked for votes and said some prayers. I did a couple of other things too...I visualized my artwork on the walls of Pottery Barn stores and on their website. I also wrote down on a piece of paper "My art will be in Pottery Barn". I took the small piece of paper (not much larger than what you would find in a fortune cookie), folded it and put it inside my God Box. What is a God Box? My dear friend Bella told me about her God Box so I decided to have one too! During one of my trips to a local art store, I found a small wooden box with a hinged lid that latches...perfect! Since then I have been writing down my prayers, hopes and dreams onto small pieces of paper and dropping them into my God Box.

I like to think it is no coincidence that my two art pieces that were chosen have significance for what they say. One says "Love", which is one of the most important words in the world. The other piece says "Dream as High as the Sky and as Deep as the Sea". What I really just want to say here is, don't ever, ever, ever give up on your dreams! They may not always come true, but if you're focused, determined and willing to go the extra mile, you increase the odds! So don't stop dreaming. Dream big. Never give up because dreams really can and do come true!

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